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The writer vs the work

We put so much of ourselves into our writing.. It's almost like a story is a reflection of a person??

What Am I Reading?

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Things that inspire me


Games like Life is Strange

Shows like Dirk Gently's Detective Agency

Browsing through random pictures

Starting in the middle

Sometimes it helps to start at a random point in the narrative, instead of stressing about getting that perfect first sentence. Staying idle is a pretty easy way to destroy creativity.

Writing characters instead of stories

I sometimes get so invested in my characters and their stories that I forget about the central plot. Still haven't found a solution to this really. Just try to center my writing more around character-driven stories.

mcatnip -

how do people name things??? i have a bunch of placeholder names for my characters/species/world but i can't keep calling the planet That Round Bitch forever

babushka -

can i reblog this to both my writing blogs because mood.

thedarklordgivenofucks -

I have a few sites bookmarked for this actually

  • Behind the Name is a good place to look for names, you can filter by all kinds of things when you search, and there's a counterpart for surnames too, it's like the only "baby name" site I trust
  • Fantasy Name Generators has like, everything you could ever think of for a fantasy/scifi story - character names, place names, even pop culture stuff like star trek

Sometimes this helps for writer's block

Sometimes when I'm suffering from particularly bad writer's block, I end up just writing up random scenes from different points in the story. Then later I join the scenes together into a coherent narrative. Writing in fragments really helps, because it's like putting together a puzzle. And sometimes it's easier to focus on writing the Big Event (TM) and then fill in the blanks later. Narratives don't have to be smooth when you're outlining or it's your first draft.

The Heaviest Soul

CW: Profanity

You wake up to the scratching of a pen on paper.

You recognize the noise because it is the most annoying thing you've ever heard in your entire life. Seriously, you'd rather claw your own ears out than listen to the scritch-scritch-scritch--and that's really what it sounds like, like a mouse or something else vaguely rodent--of someone doing something vaguely smart with a pen and a piece of paper.

"Are you fucking done yet?" you groan into the air.

The creature with the pen looks at you like it thinks you're the least interesting human in the entire world. Honestly? You probably are. You're barely Top Ten.

"Not yet," it says. "I still need the Big Man's signature."

And you fall asleep again, because you weren't supposed to wake up that first time. That kind of, well, breaks the rules? The rules say that you have to stay asleep until the processing is finished--whatever the hell that means--and then you get to go to--to--wherever it is people like you go to.

You wake up again--still against the rules--and ask again, this time getting visibly more pissed off. It's not like any time has passed or anything. But every time you go to sleep--or pass out or whatever--it feels like you're getting your head caved in.

The creature looks at you sadly.

"No," it says in answer to your perfectly reasonable question.

You barely squeeze out a "FU--" before you lose consciousness again.

You wake up again and the creature is still writing and your head is ringing like someone smashed it with a hammer.

"Are you fini--?" you start.

But you pause this time because you realize you're not getting anywhere.

"What are you doing?" you ask very politely and nicely.

The creature stops writing for a second, looking at you with curiosity for the first time and making you very very uncomfortable in a weird sort of way.

"Sins," says the creature. "I always get--I always get stuck here. Because it's--well, it's usually very long, and then--then it's stats..."

You pass out before it can finish. You realize you're going to be here for a very long time. Not here here, but in this room.

It's five in the morning and I want to write

This feeling comes over me way too much. In the middle of the night, when I'm supposed to be asleep or at least pretending to be asleep, I feel this sudden urge to work on my novel or write a long story or anything really. It's actually kind of nice, if I'm being honest. The silence and stillness just does something to my mind and it's great for getting something on paper.